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Judge nomination: Sam's Sister by TwIlIgHtLuVeR1994. 

Nomination: In Love and War
                  by RaindropSoup      

Special notes about this story: It is rated M for mature for a very specific reason: Rape and Sodomy. Do not read this story if you are under the age of eighteen years old. Pairing is Caius and Bella.

Story summary:

One year after the Cullens leave, Bella gets thrown back into the vampire world in the least expected way and learns that Edward is not her mate. Yet Bella is not the only one that has a past or emotions and circumstances that govern her. Unknown history is discovered by the Quileute. Secrets and betrayals are revealed, and by more than just some of the Cullens. Love and bonds will be found and broken. In the midst of war, is it blind greed that will be the most dangerous weakness? Or blind love? Will there be a price that is too high to pay? What if it is for survival? Some may even have to choose between their mate and their own beliefs.

Special story notes:

Important Story Notes:
1. This is OOC Bella because of her circumstances which includes rape/sodomy. Some of the details I will write, but most of it will only be mentioned or implied.
2. The Quileute wolves and their legends are a big part of this story. The Cullens, Peter and other characters have important roles as well. Most if not all Twilight characters are in this fic. Several chapters are some needed background and character building, especially for Caius. He has a past and a reason for being the way he is!
3. It will be a slightly SLOW BURN between Caius and Bella. I'm not doing the 'at first sight, I'm in love'. This is a love story, but it will be more than just those two. There will be lemons eventually.
4. I have a lot of twists and surprises planned. I hope this fic will be different from other stories and even surprise some of you. It will not be a quick read nor a short fic. 


There Will be Blood
by johnnyboy7

Story notes:

Its rated M for mature for violence with use of guns, lemons, blood/gore, drugs and alcohol, and language. PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. Not recommended for anyone under the age of eighteen.

by Madam Akyria

Story notes:

This story is rated "M" for mature. Please read at your own discretion.

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Life Happens Just Roll With It
by momma4dukes

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